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For every romantic, a breath of the Pacific.
For every Islander, a touch of home. The Tambu Ground is a 125,000 word novel set in the exotic Solomon Islands. This book by Australian author, Barry Hayes, features all indigenous characters, culture and customs in a contemporary Island setting. His life shattered by earthquake, a young Islander seeks survival in a world in which he is suddenly a friendless fringe-dweller, his village, gone. Now torn between the spirit worship of old and the new Christianity, a chance meeting with a stunning young girl from the Western Solomons begins a series of events and situations in which he has no experience—love, loneliness, and the attention of an awesome enemy with powers of black magic. Escape? Guadalcanal - Malaita? Or land nobody owns - of which the old men whispered tales of horror in the dank shadows of night?  The Tambu Ground.
Industry critics say:
"Very good, very powerful, exciting, romantic - absolutely magic location - he's got a fine book here:"     "Well crafted and impressive:"    "Not like any other book I have read before. It opened up a window on the world:"    "Dreamlike quality. The visitation of evil is edge of seat stuff - characters are real people:"   "A darn good read, a plot of considerable complexity and cultural accuracy that kept me glued."

Shame-based parenting rules and practices.
If we don't "fix it"— we pass it on. Nobody told me! Shame — The Impact of Shame in Multi-Generational Family Systems and Parenting Practices.
This manual-style work by Marriage and Relationship Counsellor, Denise Hayes, is now in its second edition. Denise finds the vast majority who arrive at her door have carried shame scenes from childhood into their adult relationships. A reference work for counsellors - a manual for parents - to assist in identifying and healing the childhood shame and decimated self-esteem. Walks step by step through the toxic parenting rules and practices from infancy to adolescence—on into adult life, exposing the destructive family system cycle and adult consequences. Advice on recovery. Indexed, illustrated, the A4 size work comprises 210 pages set out in user-friendly, dot-point format. Major sections on self-esteem, shame, styles of parenting, developmental stages of childhood, communication, family of origin, abandonment, anger, abuse. The work integrates information from the world's icons and leading practitioners, including John Bradshaw, Alice Miller, Gershen Kaufman, Eric Erikson, Harvelle Hendrix, John Bowlby, M.Scott Peck—many others. What to do when your child throws a Tantrum in the Supermarket
This 24 page mini manual by Marriage and Relationship Counsellor, Denise Hayes, assures
parents that child tantrums are developmentally normal - suggests what parents can do
when the tantrum is in full cry, and lists what NOT to do, and why. Denise maintains
that ignoring a tantrum is a form of conditional love and of abandonment - that a
child at its most unlovable is in the greatest need of love. Also relates adult problem issues
in today's world to events in childhood. This work is best read through what we feel rather
than what we know. "Feelings are perfect," says Denise, "what we know is not."
The manual is superbly illustrated by Hazel Collins, an artist from Balmoral in Western Victoria.

What is a tantrum?   Is it normal?                        Can it be beneficial?                             Why not ignore it?
Clues to cause.         Unconditional love.           Does it indicate bad parenting?        What to do.         What not to do.  
Little tantrums.          Emotions and feelings.      Toddler's needs.   Unmet child needs become later adult needs.  
The angry child.      The angry parent.               Anger management checklist.  
Abandonment.         Time = love.                           Making a fresh start.

  • Sample Pages   What not to do  |  Little tantrums
    "It brought to light every mistake I've made raising my children, and everything I did right. Now with my two
    grand-children, history is repeating itself." (a reader Mum)

    ISBN 978 0 9578705 2 3
    $8.50 posted anywhere in Australia or NZ. Two Hill Diggers is a Solomon Islands custom story from Are Are , Malaita, translated from the local dialect into story-telling English by Geralda Kauhoroasiva. Geralda and her bothers and sisters heard the story many times from their mother as night closed in over the village. The 'two hill diggers' are brothers sent out to create a new garden. The story tells of their jealousy, as the firstborn is much favoured by their parents. But when the younger brother sets out in his canoe to visit 'grandma' for solace, 'grandma' has some awesome tricks that turn the elder brother's jealousy into hate, and hate to action in this exciting story, exquisitely told.
    An ancient story told an re-told for generations, now preserved as literature.

    8000 words paperback. Illustrated by Solomons artist, Charles Manata, himself a son of Are Are. A Kaleidoscope of Love Poems is an exquisite collection of love verse
    by talented Melbourne poet and song writer, Mary Macdonald.

    "Once, for me,
    you spread your royal mantle.
    Autumn blew in
    on a gust of boisterous laughter,
    and I am left
    with another path to sweep."

    Mary's delightful book offers glimpses of love in complexity. Romance—fulfilled, frustrated, dead and enduring. And love within a family, with friend, acquaintance—in nature, sometimes quiet, singing, laughing . . Order this quality collection of poetry from Pacific Downunder, or direct from Mary, 28 Lawrence St. Brighton, Vic. 3186 Phone (03) 9592 0513 Fax (03) 9592 0704.
    Stella Mary Macdonald, 2001 - 63 Pages, $A15, paperback ISBN 09585230 5 3 A Chrysler Sedan & Threepenny Ice Creams
    is a superb satire on suburban life in Bentleigh (Melb) in the late 30s, by Bayside writer Jack Davis .
    Tim and his mates are still magical, egocentrical and non-logical—except Kathie Macnamara down the street. Kathie's a romantic, but Tim's not impressed. His school friends are much safer to be with. Falling in love with his teacher is another matter. Order this chuckle-a-minute work of Australiana from Pacific Downunder, or direct from author, Jack Davis, 1/4 Daphne St. East Bentleigh, Vic. 3165 Email:

    A. J. Davis, 2000 - 154 pages, $A15, paperback ISBN 0 646 391526

    www.Plantation On Plantation Creek
    A community history of the Australian South Sea Islanders in the Burdekin Shire. Written for the Shire of Burdekin by archaeologist, Dr. Lincoln Hayes.
    Illustrated with classic old photographs, this history written in lively narrative style traces the lives of Islanders from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and other Pacific countries who were coerced and cajoled, sometimes against their will , to work in Queensland's Burdekin canefields. Helped significantly by local Islander descendants, this work embraces life on the plantations and the subsequent struggle of Australian South Sea Islanders (sometimes referred to as kanakas), for recognition in the Australian community.
    Enquiries to The Shire of Burdekin, Box 974, Ayr, Qld. 4807. Email:
    A$18.70, 121 pages xA4, art board cover, ISBN 0-9579730-0-4

    www.Dancing Dancing Shadows
    is a superb anthology of contemporary poetry and prose by members of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Bayside Group, Melbourne. Works by Joyce Aslangul, Val Austin, Peter Charlesworth, Tony Coyle, Fred Curtis, Jack Davis, June Everingham, Slava Havard, Barry Hayes, Phil Ilton, Mary MacDonald, Frank Prem, Gaye Robinson, Dorothea Twomey, and Margaret Vawdon. Most are published writers and poets sharing this beautifully produced anthology with new writers. Order direct from Gaye Robinson, 27 Service St. Hampton, Vic. 3188. Email:, or contact Pacific Downunder.
    Bayside Group, FAW, 123 pages, $A14.00, paperback plus $3.00 postage. Check with Gaye if overseas.

    www.Gospel Gospel - Solomon Islands Style
    Much of this CD was recorded over a period of time at the South Sea Evangelical Church at Kukum,
    near the Islands capital, Honiara.
    No professional sound equipment here. This is raw off the floor, capturing the harmonies and
    enthusiasm of 400 locals in praise mode, Solomons Style.
    People chattering, babies crying, sundry hallelujahs, PTL's, and the occasional squeal of a microphone.
    The real Pacific atmosphere captured in song.
    A trip down memory lane for former expats, a unique experience for all romantics.
    40 mins  AUD$13  Posted anywhere in the world, from Pacific Downunder.

    www.Flyboys Billy Stutt and the Richmond Flyboys
    The publication of 25 years of research by renowned WW1 Aero Historian Neville F Hayes

    The NSW State Aviation School story—training pilots for WW1
    The Aviators
    The stories behind the history
    The Curtiss Jenny in Australia
    The Air Adventures of W J 'Billy' Stutt
    The birth of the Richmond Air Base

    The often overlooked story of the training of pilots at Richmond, New South Wales, for service in World War 1. While the Defence Department's Central Flying School at Point Cook struggled to keep training planes in the air, the NSW Government put together an Aviation School on Ham Common at Clarendon, west of Sydney, complete with land, buildings, aircraft, experienced instructors and mechanics, to train pilots for service abroad. With no training planes available from England, NSW turned to the USA's Curtiss Jenny. The Curtiss machines proved a superb choice, and under the guidance of ace Melbourne-born aviator and Chief Instructor W J 'Billy' Stutt turned out more pilots than England knew what to do with. The initial purchase of 2 x JN-4s was supplemented by 2 x JN-4Bs a year later. The School already had a GIII Caudron formerly owned by Andrew Badgery in the shed, plus two improved Caudrons constructed by Stutt and the students as experience in aircraft construction and maintenance. After the War the land and buildings became the fledgling Richmond Air Base, the top arm of Aerial Defence in Australia. Liberally interspersed with many previously unseen photographs, the work is less a traditional history presentation and more the bringing to life the story of the student pilots, the part they played in the Great War of 1914-18, and the politics behind the scenes. It tells the story for the descendant families, many of whom know little more that 'he said he was a flyer'. And keeps alive the names of those who served the nation, some of whom paid the supreme sacrifice. Profiles the aviators and ground staff, the Curtiss Jenny aircraft, the 6 courses conducted, and provides a rare glimpse of the life story of W J 'Billy' Stutt, and the birth of the Richmond Air Base. Also a run-down on what happened to the Jennies when the war ended.
    Burst bound, celloglossed 265 gsm artboard cover. Many photographs, 322 pages. Index.
    Feature article, Hawkesbury Gazette Country Life Quarterly
    (Trade RRP $37.50—to you by post $25.00 + postage, $9.50 = $34.50 anywhere in Australia. Overseas folk please ask postage cost first.
    ISBN 978 0 9578705 3 1

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    Contact us

    Pacific Downunder, Box 133, (9 Hakea Ct)) Cowes, Vic. 3922, Australia
    (613) 59 522 927
    ABN 22 913 419 115
    Contact Author and publisher Barry Hayes - former local government manager in Victoria and Financial and Commercial
    Advisor to the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. Long time member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers -
    Former President of the Bayside (Melb.) Regional Branch. Barry also offers help to those seeking to present their family
    history, life anecdotes, poetry or stories in book or booklet form for gifts to children and relatives -
    perhaps wanting a limited number of copies.
    Drafting assistance for those for whom English is a second language.

    Author/Marriage and Relationships Counsellor/Therapist, Denise Hayes, BA, ADWS, Cert.MC, AIWCW,
    is an experienced practitioner who uses all the traditional therapy models in her counselling service.
    Denise nevertheless finds the vast majority of problem relationships and personal issues stem from shame
    in the childhood years—often systemic, often unintentional, from within the Family System. Thus
    Family Systems Therapy and parent education have become the focus of her work.
    Denise will respond to queries with basic advice and where to go for help.



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