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Steam in New South Wales - in the 1960s

NSW 38 class steam locomotives Newcastle

L class English Electric locomotives Victoria

English Electric Locomotive L1166 at Murrumbeena 
 with a Gippsland passenger train

 Bass Strait Ships and Vehicle Ferries

Spirit of Tasmania at Port Melbourne

Some Bass Strait Shipping History

SS Nairana departing Tasmania for Melbourne

Some Steam Locomotives in Australia

Garratt G42 on the narrow 2ft 6in gauge Puffing 
 Billy Railway Belgrave Victoria Australia

Marree and Railyards November 2007

NSU class diesel electric at Marree Outback South Australia

The Tasman Ltd Tasmania

The Tasman Ltd Tasmania's 
 last long distance passenger train

Tasmania's West Coast abt Wilderness Railway

Mt Lyall No1 Queenstown West coast 
 Wilderness Railway Tasmania

abt system steam locomotive anatomy

Rack and pinion abt Wilderness 
 Railway West Coast Tasmania

Seacat Tasmania at Welshpool

Seacat Tasmania at Port Welshpool 
 Victoria Australia

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